floating piers rotodock system

Rotodock Floating Modular System

  • Floats made in HDPE (High Density Polyethylene).
  • Modular system: create your floating pier as your needed.
  • Floating pontoons for mooring boats, for nautic expo, for divers club.
  • Floating platforms for restaurants, discos, divers, beach clubs.
  • Docks of many sizes: 300x200x38cm, 300x150x38cm, 300x100x38cm, 100x150x38cm.
  • Linkable one to other easy. lot of accessories and optional.
  • Linkable to Rotoport jet ski floating platform.
floating piers rotodock


floating piers rotodock


floating piers rotodock


floating piers rotodock


floating platform for special works

Rotodock Pontoon

modular floating system

RotoDock modular floating pontoon system is made in HD Polyethylene beige colored. Rotodock can be used for for both commercial and private users and for all above water applications in calm waters such as platform for special works.

Modular System

linkable to other system

You can easily link each float to the other, composing pontoon or platform as your needed.
Rotodock can be joined to Rotoport Jet ski Floating Platform or to Cubedock System to composed a multi-usage floating system.

rotodock system with rotoport floating jet ski platforms

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